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On September 11, 2016 a temporary public memorial was installed in Charlotte, NC at Romare Bearden Park. I arrived at the park at 5:00 am to scout out where I wanted to take my photos to document the event. I wanted to get situated prior to the arrival of the crowds, that were coming to remember and morn the tragic loss of the thousands of people who lost their lives on that September day, the 11th in the year of 2001.

The morning breeze was calm, just barely noticeable. There was an erie quiet that filled the park as if everyone just wanted to be very respectful of everyone else visiting that day. The park was filled with thousands of American flags with a photo and or name attached to each one, representing each of the victims of the horrible attack on our nation. Each flag was placed meticulously in alignment, row after row. It was beautiful, touching, humbling and sad all at the same time. I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph the event.

I did my best to be respectful to all of the guests, the attending emergency responders and I suspect some family members who had lost loved ones on that day, 16 years ago. I wanted to document the essence of the day and the shear quiet I experienced there in the park. If you were not able to attend, I hope these photos will give you a sense of the feelings and emotions I experienced that day. Hopefully it will also remind you that the day was born of pure evil. Also, I am sure it came as a surprise to those who participated in the planning of the terrorist attacks, that the American people would so quickly jump in with tenacity to help their fellow citizens and display unfathomable bravery, courage and love for each other. We put away our differences that day and for weeks and months to come. Thousands of first responders, EMS, police and volunteers rushed in to help those in need. The help poured in from all over the country to assist NYCFD and NYCPD in the days that followed. Many of those first responders and volunteers made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow man that day and in the days to come.

Lets all take a moment to remember all those we lost during this tragedy. Let us never forget this day and let us honor all our fallen heros. RIP…..

This is a personal project for me. A little over two years ago, I had learned that the owners of the old Reflections Sound Studio had been in talks to sell their property in Plaza Midwood. I had kept my eye on the building with the thought that someone should photograph it before it too would be leaving the Charlotte historical architecture landscape. After giving it more thought, I decided to photograph the converted church building, that for the last 40 years, housed one of the most prolific recording studios in the country here in Charlotte, NC – Reflections Sound Studio @ 1018 Central Ave.

They owners closed the studio doors for the last time in the early half of 2014 and since then the property has been sold to a development company.

The editing of photographs for this project will take quite a bit of time to complete. I photographed it completely with available light at various times during the day. I tried to capture the spirit of the space, its history, along with the visual impact on the the surrounding neighborhood. My goal is to present the entire catalog of images in a gallery show this fall. In the meantime, check back here for updates as I add some of my favorites shots and I hope you enjoy them.

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For more information about Reflections Sound Studios story and history, check out these links:

The Charlotte chapter of the AIA once again hosted their annual CANstruction event. Once again all proceeds from the generous participants went to the Second Harvest Food Bank. I encourage you to visit all these participants websites at the included links. These are all great companies in Charlotte – we should support them and applaud their efforts.

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 1
“SOCK IT to Hunger”, submission by Narmour Wright Architects

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 2
“Queen Charlotte of Meck-CAN-Burg”, submission by the team of ADW Architects and Duncan Parnell

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 3
“Breakfast: The Most important Meal of the Day”, submission by Wright McGraw Beyer Architects

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 5
“Charlotte Can Do It”, submission by Housing Studio

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 6
“The Charlotte StrEAT Car”, submission by the team of Clark Nexsen & Edifice. “Queen’s Feast”, submission by the team of Stewart & Perkins+Will

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 4
“AutoCAN Charlotte”, submission by the team of Angelo Architects PLLC & The Art Institute of Charlotte

2015 _ AIA CANstruction _ Blog 7
“I CAN drink to that” submission by ai Design Group . “Checkmate on Hunger”, submission by Gensler + Holder Construction

It was a privilege to have Richard Israel visit my studio last week. He is a prolific portrait and wedding photographer born in England and based in Charlotte, NC. When we get to spend some time together, Richard is always generous with sharing his knowledge about photography. He is always willing to answer any questions about running a successful photography business. What I especially enjoyed during his visit last week, was putting the photographer in front of my lens – he did not disappoint me.

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  • Richard Israel - Thank you for these brilliant photographs Robert!!! It was a fantastic experience being shot by you!!!