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Light Matters :: Architecture :: Reflections Sound Studio

This is a personal project for me. A little over two years ago, I had learned that the owners of the old Reflections Sound Studio had been in talks to sell their property in Plaza Midwood. I had kept my eye on the building with the thought that someone should photograph it before it too would be leaving the Charlotte historical architecture landscape. After giving it more thought, I decided to photograph the converted church building, that for the last 40 years, housed one of the most prolific recording studios in the country here in Charlotte, NC – Reflections Sound Studio @ 1018 Central Ave.

They owners closed the studio doors for the last time in the early half of 2014 and since then the property has been sold to a development company.

The editing of photographs for this project will take quite a bit of time to complete. I photographed it completely with available light at various times during the day. I tried to capture the spirit of the space, its history, along with the visual impact on the the surrounding neighborhood. My goal is to present the entire catalog of images in a gallery show this fall. In the meantime, check back here for updates as I add some of my favorites shots and I hope you enjoy them.

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