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A couple weekends ago I was invited to listen to a real tight NC cover band, The Riding Giants. They sounded great and they are a bunch of nice people. A little over a year ago I got to meet one of the band members, Chris LaPata. When I met Chris, I didn’t know he was a musician. Rather, I met him at the architecture firm where I was the design director. Chris is a very accomplished Workplace Consultant for one of the most successful office environment furniture companies in the world. Ironically, Chris and I both grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, but we met here in Charlotte while Chris was making a presentation at the firm I worked at.

So when Chris invited me to hear the band perform, I was all over it. Well the entire band was having a great time and the audience was really into them as well. If you get the chance, check them out on their myspace site at link. That is where you find out about their next gig. Take your friends, grab a beer and enjoy their performance….maybe you will see me there snapping off some more photos.

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